Chess meet brings kings, queens and rookie players
Students of all ages vied for trophies
By Charles G. Anderson Sr.
Special to the Reporter-News
Abilene Reporter-News
Posted February 19, 2011 at 11 p.m.

The 14th annual Abilene Scholastic Chess Tournament held Saturday at Taylor Elementary was a family affair for the Troy and Martha Barrington family.

With seven children — six girls and a boy, the Barringtons sometimes have their own chess tournament at home. For the tournament held at the school, however, three of their children — Jonathan, 14, Sophia, 12 and Stephanie, 16 — competed against 60 other players. A whole room was full as the youths, ages 5 through 16, shook hands before each game and sat quietly to plan their next moves on the chessboard.

Players advanced through five rounds until a champion was determined.

Before the tournament, Stephanie Barrington was knitting and preparing for the first round.

“Chess gets me to thinking,” she said. “I have entered this tournament five times and I have done tournaments as far away as Midland.”

Stephanie lost in the first round, but that did not dampen her enthusiasm and her hopes of winning a medal.

“My opponent pinned my queen,” Stephanie said. “He brought his rook down and checkmated the king.”

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