New chess champion ends master’s 17-year winning streak
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The Sudbury Star

Mavros Whissell has won the 2008 Sudbury Chess Championship with a last-round victory over Bob Kiviaho, giving a score of 5/5 .

This ends Kiviaho’s winning streak of 17 straight years going back to 1991. Kiviaho is a chess master by the Chess Federation of Canada and has played in the Canadian championships in Ottawa in 1995 and Montreal in 2001.

Whissell’s father, the late Laurentian University psychology professor Robert Whissell, was traditionally Kiviaho’s toughest opponent and it has been said that Mavros Whissell finally got revenge for his father.

Expert is one level below master and this tournament made Mavros Whissell the third Sudbury-born player to reach this title. Kiviaho also achieved the title of expert.

Second place with 4/5 went to Michaell Guinard who moved from Ottawa. Third and fourth with 3.5 and 5 were shared by student Mathew Nicholson and Ralf Mayer, who moved to Sudbury from Germany.


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