1st Barangay Wesley Team Try-Out

This is one thing that the Philippine chess community could really be proud of in the whole world of chess: bayanihan.

I used the term bayanihan because no English word, or no word of any other origin, can fittingly describe what it really means as a Filipino.

Bayanihan is more than unity, more than sharing, more than brotherhood, more than people power. It’s just that: bayanihan.

In this sense, it’s bayanihan for the pursuit of irrepressible passion for the love of chess and for a patriotic call to advance Philippine chess.

Nowhere else in the world can you find a group of individuals whose extra-ordinary passion for chess brought them together and whose aspirations could move mountains in pursuit of their dreams.

Their historic attempt to make a difference led them to put into action a concrete step to contribute in fashioning out their dreamed Philippine chess.

The staging of the Barangay Wesley Team Try-outs and GM Wesley So vs GM John Paul Gomez Rapid Match last September 5, 2010 at the Robinsons Manila showed to the whole world the spirit of bayanihan.

This project – grand and historic in all history of Philippine chess – is a private sector initiative, put into reality by private individuals bonded by the love for chess, admiration for GM Wesley So, and selfless patriotism for the growth of Philippine chess.

This initiative showed that if there are leaders who have strong political will, people who are selfless to share their resources, members and followers who are all in unison in achieving a common purpose, then there’s no such thing as impossible dream.

More information and plenty of pictures here.

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