Every month in 2007, we did a tour of the chess blogs (see our ChessChrono, Blog Trekking), where the first step each month was to identify ~100 posts worthy of further attention. As it happens, we always saved those intermediate lists, which lets us do a neat statistical summary on the total number of posts that caught our attention on such-and-such a blog in 2007.

Here are our numbers for the top of the list:-

213 Susan Polgar Chess Blog
101 Chess Improvement by Effort [Temposchlucker]
88 Streatham & Brixton Chess Club
78 Chess Confessions
58 The Chess Mind
43 The Kenilworthian
43 Chess Vibes
37 ChessExpress
34 Boylston Chess Club Weblog
31 The Daily Dirt Chess Blog
27 Robert Pearson’s Chess Blog
26 The Closet Grandmaster

It’s no coincidence that these blogs are all near-permanent members on our list of Top Blogs.

Here is the full article.

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