The 16th Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament will be played 22 – 30 April 2008 in Malmo, Sweden.


GM Daniel Stellwagen, Holland 2621
GM Vassilios Kotronias, Greece 2611
GM Evgeny Agrest, Sweden 2567
GM Jan Timman, Holland 2565
GM Lars Bo Hansen, Denmark 2563
GM Kjetil Lie, Norway 2558
GM Lajos Portisch, Hungary 2523
GM Tiger Hillarp Persson, Sweden 2491
GM Ralf Akesson, Sweden 2466
Axel Smith, Sweden 2428

The games will start daily at 14.00 CET except for the last round that will start 12.00 CET.
There will be Live coverage of the games.
More info on the homepage:
Special thanks to webmaster Anders Hansen for sending us the information.

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