The 26th Belgrade International Open Championship (Belgrade Trophy) will be held from 24th November to 2nd December in Obrenovac, near Belgrade. The tournament is valid for international norms for FIDE titles.

The prize fund is 6000 EUR with 1500 EUR reserved for the winner.

The first Belgrade International Tournament was held in 1948 as a 20-players round robin. In various forms and with several breaks, the tournament continued until 1987.

From the year 2001, when the 14th (or with new count now 15th) tournament was played, till this year, all tournaments were played in Obrenovac, under the sponsorship of Belgrade Assembly. 

International Open championship of Belgrade was included in system of competition, which is under sponsorship of Secretary of sport and youth named ”Belgrade Trophy”.

The winner of the last year’s Belgrade Trophy was Dutch Grandmaster Sipke Ernst. The last year’s event is now considered as 25th in the line, since the Belgrade Chess Federation appropriated the famous 1988 GMA JAT Open with 100 Grandmasters in the field as the 14th Belgrade Trophy.

Participants (top seeds):

1. GM Atalik Suat TUR 2595
2. GM Damljanovic Branko SRB 2576
3. GM Nabaty Tamir ISR 2569
4. GM Kislinsky Alexey CZE 2556
5. GM Savic Miodrag R SRB 2530
6. IM Indjic Aleksandar SRB 2511
7. GM Drenchev Petar BUL 2490
8. GM Stojanovic Dalibor BIH 2488
9. GM Abramovic Bosko SRB 2459
10. GM Cabrilo Goran SRB 2442
11. IM Nestorovic Dejan SRB 2426
12. GM Ermenkov Evgenij BUL 2421
13. GM Rajkovic Dusan SRB 2418
14. IM Enchev Ivajlo BUL 2411
15. GM Tosic Miroslav SRB 2408

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