Minooka High to get its first chess club 
By Kris Stadalsky 
For The Herald-News 
November 5, 2012 9:50AM

MINOOKA — A group of 35 students will form the first chess club at Minooka High School.

“We are one of two schools that doesn’t have one in the conference,” said Karen Buchanan, board and co-curricular committee member for the district, prior to board approval.

The school board last week approved the committee’s request on a two-year probationary status.

It started with 21 students who first brought the idea to administrators, said Minooka Principal Darcie Kubinski. The group needed to find a faculty member to sponsor them and Mark Brown stepped up.

The club’s only need will be the purchase of eight chess boards, which will be paid for through the student activity fund, Buchanan said.

The chess club will meet twice weekly from November through March. This first year they will attend one conference meet, which will help them to plan, practice and introduce their club.

“They may attend more before being sanctioned,” Kubinski said.

More information about the chess club can be found on the district’s website at wwwmchs.net under activities.

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