Posted: Saturday, 28 March 2009 7:22AM
Hundreds of Phila. School Kids Participate in Chess Challenge
by KYW’s Jim Melwert

Around 300 students from across Philadelphia took part in the second annual ‘checkmate violence;’ a 24-hour chess marathon in North Philadelphia that ended on 4pm on Saturday.

The games kicked off with 11-year-old Marquel Styles playing Mayor Michael Nutter in a game of chess. But Marquel had to leave early to catch his school bus.

But the mayor wasn’t saved by the bus:

“Then the replacement, young guy came in and just wiped me out.”

Nine-year-old Erick Clopp tagged in and got the check-mate on the mayor:

“I had him on the last line, had a rook in front of him and queen next to him.”

Still an improvement for the mayor, as he only lasted four moves last year:

“Any time we have an opportunity to have young people in a safe, nurturing, fun and educational environment, that’s what we want for all children.”

The event is sponsored by After School Activities Partnership to raise money and awareness for its Youth Chess Challenge.

Organizers say about 3,500 kids take part in the chess challenge each week.


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