50 Great Blogs to Improve Your Chess Game

An ancient game of strategy and wit, chess continues to fascinate people of all types even today. Everyone from the most seasoned Grandmaster to the greenest horn sitting in a park or a coffee shop has a story and a philosophy to share. It probably comes as no shock to anyone that the internet has proven a haven for chess lovers around the world to converge and discuss what they have learned on their journeys. Whether lessons come in the form of explicit strategies or simply a snippet of experience, they all have something to offer anyone looking to appreciate the game even more and play to their greatest potential.

1.) Susan Polgar Chess Daily News and Information

This blog dedicates itself not only to chess challenges to help readers bolster their skills, but following tournaments and trends within the community as well.

2.) The Chess Drum

Focusing on the pan-African chess scene, The Chess Drum exists as a great resource that cobbles together the stories and experiences of the very best competitors.

3.) Chess, Goddess and Everything

Give this extremely fascinating blog – which isn’t always about chess – a look for information on interpreting the beloved, ancient game through historical, spiritual and feminist filters.

4.) The Blogs at MonRoi

MonRoi hosts a number of different blogs on various chess-related topics to improve games and promote awareness of the community and its competitions.

5.) Chessvine.com

Anything the aspiring or seasoned chess player needs can be found here at Chessvine.com, which also provides a great daily puzzle widget as well!

6.) The Closet Grandmaster

Politics, news and strategies collide in one highly informative chess resource for those hoping to improve both their game and their knowledge.

7.) Gambit

The New York Times official chess blog mostly covers competitions, allowing more advanced players to study the winning strategies.

8.) Boylston Chess Club Weblog

A Massachusetts-based chess club blogs about anything and everything related to their stimulating hobby, with plenty of information on its cultural significance, competitions and strategies.

9.) Chess for All Ages

Mark Weeks writes extensively on a number of different chess-related topics, making sure to provide something for every age and skill level who drops by.

10.) Chess Skills

Although James Stripes does not update his blog as often as some of the others listed here, he nevertheless has some useful information for those hoping to bolster their chess games that’s worth reading.

11.) Chess Blog For Girls

Chess sometimes sadly feels like a boy’s club, but former world champion Susan Polgar operates another blog intending to close the gender gap.

12.) Blogs at Chess.com

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Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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