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60 National Federations Now Support the “One World. One Vision.” Team! We Stand Strong and Will Not Falter.


The National Federations are speaking and they are showing us their support!

We do not count on superficial strength, we do not count on defaming and tearing down a world chess community that took so long to build, we do not count on dirty tactics to show that we are true supporters for a UNITED WORLD CHESS COMMUNITY!

It is easy for someone to attempt to divide, attempt to destroy that which THEY CLEARLY DID NOT WORK HARD TO BUILD, so, we can only sympathize and hope that people who resort to such methods will realize that this is not what the majority wants…

But, it is clear to see that our opponents will continue to resort to such methods and WE WILL NOT FALTER under such acts of desperation and malicious intent.

We provide you with yet another example of the Karpov team’s tactics and acts of desperation as is the case with the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan who expressed their concern about the Karpov team’s claim regarding support from their Federation. (Below is an English translation of the letter received)


The Chess Federation of Turkmenistan, as a reply to the information regarding A. Karpov’s statement on the support of his candidacy for the position of the FIDE President, is writing to inform that this statement does not correspond to the actual reality.

We also inform that at the meeting of the Presidium of our Federation (Minutes N3 dated 12.06.2010) it was decided to support the candidacy of K. Ilyumzhinov for the position of the FIDE President at the elections during the Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk in September-October 2010.

Yours sincerely,
Halbagt Reyimova
President of the Chess Federation

More support from other National Federations are coming soon!
Gens Una Sumus
“One World. One Vision”

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