EESK Korydalloy with good performance at Greek Club Cup
Maria Ikonomopoulou strikes 7 out of 7

The 38th edition of the Greek Chess League has finished in Olympic Boxing Center, Peristeri. organized by the Greek Chess Federation, Pnevmatiki Stegi Peristeriou, and Municipality of Peristeri. Total of 473 players, of which 73 titled, participated in the Greek Team Chess Championship 2010. Maria Ikonomopoulou was one of the two players of the field to play the maximum number of games and finish them with a perfect score. Maria played all rounds for her team and finished with performance 2640, winning on the way against strong players, including , a member of the Greek women’s national team WIM A. Stiri.

The President of the EESK club Mr. Nikolopoulos commented, “The Korydallos Chess Club is a young aspiring team as their average age makes them the youngest out of the 22 teams participating in this year‘s Greek League top division. The first board this year is a 17-year old GM S. Syugirov, Russian U-20 Champion and the second board a 22-year old GM M.Ragger, leader of the Austrian national chess team. The team members for a number of years keep very high results at the national level and participate in various international tournaments.”

Mr. Nikolopoulos said that he is satisfied with this year’s results and hopes that this shall give additional impulse to the chess activities of the club. Mr. Nikolopoulos said, the team is very grateful to the Sports Committee of Korydallos municipality, personally the mayor of Korydallos and all parents and coaches of the team, and invited the Municipality of Korydallos more actively participate in the assistance of the club.

EESK Korydalloy team

Here is the full list of the EESK team and their performance (points / games played) at the Greek Club Cup.

GM Sjugirov Sanan 2610 RUS 4 / 7
GM Ragger Markus 2614 AUT 5.5 / 7
FM Tsiamis Konstantinos 2290 GRE 2.5 / 7
IM Skalkotas Nikolaos 2217 GRE 1 / 3
Sismanis Aggelos 2226 GRE 3 / 5
Hristodoulou Panagiotis 2149 GRE 4.5 / 6
Ikonomopoulou Maria 2066 GRE 7 / 7
Georgiou Napoleon 1776 GRE 2 / 5
Magklara Evangelia 1726 GRE 4 / 7
Sotirakis Ioannis 1590 GRE 0 / 2
Noutsos Stamoulis 1575 GRE 4.5 / 7
Sotirakis Konstantinos 0 GRE 2 / 6
Dalampekis Ilias 0 GRE 0 / 1
Venetakis Georgios-Venetis 0 GRE 0.5 / 7
Selianiti Natasa 0 GRE 0.5 / 7

Photos by Andres Kontokanis

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