IM Dean Ippolito was at one time one of the top young talents in America. In the past few years, he decided that it is more important for him to share his chess knowledge and experience with the younger players. He is good coach as has a lot of excellent students. The kids love him and the parents support his effort.

Earlier this year, he organized the Tournament of Champions in New Jersey.

This is the first year that he ran this event and next year, he would like to make it even bigger and get some sponsors. Eight players qualifed by playing in the Master’s section. The players played on a stage and they used the sensor boards for all four games.

The first prize is $500. Christopher Wu was the winner with a 3-0 score. Here are the final standings:

1st: Christopher Wu
2nd-4th: Kavin Sivakumar, Max Sherer, Patrick Thomas
5th-Michael Neary
6th-Jeffrey Wu
7th-Anand Mehta
8th-Simon Thomas

Congratulations to Christopher, Dean and everyone who qualified!

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