Next Year Aerosvit Tournament To Be Played In Airplane?


Aerosvit general manager comes up with a new idea

We stumbled across an interesting item in Ukrainian newspaper “Gazeta” via link from the excellent Russian website The bottom of this short article quotes Aron Meiberg, general manager of the Aerosvit, saying that the next year’s tournament will be played in an airplane and with rapid time control. Just don’t invite Dennis Bergkamp to act as a promoter 🙂

The journalist Yuri Bobruenko also had a quick chat with Henrik Carlsen. Father of the chess prodigy shared that Magnus can hardly concentrate on chess only, because he has to attend school. Magnus is not even a professional chess player, only this year he can join the Association. Last year he was invited to Foros, but he couldn’t come, so this time the decision was to play in Ukraine instead of Yerevan. Henrik also added that he is trying to accompany Magnus in each tournament, but this is not easy to achieve because he has to leave his own business

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