2nd GM norm for Adhiban
Tuesday 1st June 2010

19-year-old Martyn Kravtsiv from Ukraine edged out other Grandmasters to emerge champion in the 2nd SCS International Open GM Chess Tournament in Bhubaneswar.

Joining Kravtsiv in the top were Alexandrov, Turov, Alexey Dreev, Baskaran Adhiban and Kokarev, with 8.5 points each from 11 rounds.

Kravtsiv’s better Buchholz tie-break score (76.5) gave him the title.

In the absence of an outright winner, the top six cash prizes were shared by the top six with each pocketing Rs 87,667 each (approximately Euros 1540 each).

National champion Adhiban gladdened the hearts of fellow Indians securing his second GM norm with a draw against top seed Alexey Dreev.

With his present rating of Elo 2510, Adhban with few more GM Norm events to come up shortly, could well become India’s next Grandmaster.

In another upset, Delhi boy Vaibhav Suri defeated International Master M R Lalith Babu. The impressive win also fetched Suri his maiden GM norm.

Securing 8.0 points from 11 rounds with a rating performance of ELO 2579, Vaibhav stands to add ELO 56 points for his performance and would become India’s next International Master.

Final standings (Top 20): 1. M Kravtsiv (8.5), 2. Aleksej Aleksandrov (8.5), 3. Maxim Turov (8.5), 4. Alexey Dreev (8.5), 5. B Adhiban (8.5), 6. Dmitry Kokarev (8.5), 7. Pablo Lafuente (8), 8. Dmitry Bocharov (8), 9. Anton Kovalyov (8), 10. Vaibhav Suri 8), 11. Hera Imre Jr (8), 12. Attila Czebe (8), 13. Gevorg Harutjunyan (8), 14. Rustam Khusnutdinov (8), 15. Iuldachev Saidali (8), 16. Pavel Maletin (7.5), 17. Simonian Hrair (7.5), 18. Nurlan Ibrayev (7.5), 19. Deepan Chakkravarthy (7.5), 20. Evgeny Vorobiov (7.5).

Source: http://www.espnstar.com

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