The Russian U-20 champion and winner of the Russian Cup 2012 Anastasia Bodnaruk won a beautiful game against the Georgian Lela Javakhishvili. Anastasia talked about the game in the press-center of the World Championship.

– Anastasia, congratulations! The game was very exciting and featured a double rook sacrifice. Tell us more about it. 

– We both managed to surprise each other in the opening. A minor surprise was that I selected the main line – recently I mostly play sidelines, and then a major surprise came from my opponent. I was caught completely unprepared.

Thus early in the game I was out of book and had to use my own judgment. During the game I could not tell how deep was Lela’s preparation. She quickly accepted my sacrifice, which seemed very difficult to evaluate at the board. I felt the sacrifice is sound, but there was no guarantee. I think 21…Kf8 is a small mistake, but I am not sure. 22…e5 is clearly a serious mistake. She could play 22…Rxh7 23.Qxh7 Qxb2 instead, and the position after 24.Kd3 or 24.Qh8+ is very unclear.
– Recently you defeated Zoltan Almasi in very similar fashion… 

– The situation was indeed similar: first he surprised me, then my reply surprised him, which was very clear as he started to consume a lot of time. The resulting classic Sicilian was rather new to both of us.

– So one must surprise you inspire? 

– Possibly.

– Does playing against a higher-rated opponent give you extra motivation and drive?

– Facing a stronger opponent is always interesting. Sometimes you can safely play for a draw, as draw is considered a good result in this situation. When you are a favorite, it feels you must play for a win.

– What did you like best at the opening ceremony yesterday?

– I naturally have to compare it with the Chess Olympiad 2010, which also took place in Khanty-Mansiysk. That ceremony was more spectacular, but the concert yesterday was a good start, too. It’s main advantage was pithiness.

– Have you participated in other knock-out events? How did you do?

– Yes, I did. The Russian Cup is usually a knock-out event. This year I managed to win it.

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