Assault claims at chess game
By Bassam Za’za’, Senior Reporter
Published: January 25, 2009, 23:25

Dubai: A chess game ended dramatically when a victim accused three men of attempting to forcibly sodomise him and threatening to kill him if he reported the matter to the police.

One of the three suspects, Iranian national M.Q., claimed before the Dubai Court of First Instance that a heated argument erupted during the chess game then evolved to a fight, after the alleged victim claimed that he was “a brilliant karate player.” “He stood up and said to me harshly that he could beat me because he’s good in karate and I got irritated and beat him up,” said M.Q.

“Following the incident, the Asian victim accused the other two suspects and myself of attempting to have sex with him against his will. He lodged a malicious complaint and claimed that we threatened to kill him if he reported the matter to the police, that we tried to have a homosexual affair with him,” argued M.Q. when he defended himself before Presiding Judge Saeed Salem Bin Sarm.

The Public Prosecution charged M.Q., his compatriot L.M. and Emirati M.G. with attempting to have a homosexual affair with the alleged victim, identified as N., against his will. They were also charged with assaulting and threatening to kill N.

Presiding Judge Bin Sarm will hear the charges against the Emirati suspect and also appoint lawyers to defend the Iranian suspects when the hearing reconvenes next month.


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