I was very sad and shocked to read this comment on the Internet by one of the highest rated players in the US today regarding the recently concluded NY Mayor’s Cup Invitational:

“I think it says a lot about American chess when a tournament billed as “the highest rated American chess event” tournament just happens to be all Russians; quite an oddity, don’t you think?”

3 of the 6 participants (A. Onischuk, G. Kamsky and I. Ibragimov) just represented the United States in the last Olympiad in Turin, Italy. They won the Bronze medal.

B. Gulko and G. Kamsky were teammates for a US team that captured the Gold medal in the World Team Championship.

I won 4 (2 Gold and 2 Silver) of my 10 Olympiad medals representing this country. I am leaving for Dresden in less than a week to represent the United States in the World Chess Cup.

I believe that 4 of the 6 players that participated in the Mayor’s Cup were not born in Russia. I certainly did not. I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and A. Onischuk was a former Ukrainian champion.

In addition, some casual male chess players apparently have a problem with me participating in the Mayor’s Cup. They feel that I do not belong in this event because I am “too weak” and that I got to play because I am a woman. Something just does not seem to change. And people wonder why I advocate a few “all-girls events” every year and why so many girls quit chess.

Are we not Americans? Are there two Americas?
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