Aronian third in magazine voting as “Chess Oscar” goes to Carlsen
Chess | 05.11.12 | 12:52

A leading Russian chess magazine, “64”, has summed up the results of its voting for the annual best player award called “Chess Oscar” that ranked Armenia’s top grandmaster Levon Aronian third.

Norway’s Magnus Carlsen, who is currently FIDE’s number one player, has for the third consecutive time been recognized as the “Chess Oscar” winner, according to

Interestingly, Aronian, who is the world’s number two player (as of November) on the bimonthly updated player list of international chess’s governing body, yielded the second “Oscar” position to Israel’s grandmaster Boris Gelfand, who isn’t even among FIDE’s top ten players. The Israeli chess master, however, took a big step earlier this year by challenging, even though unsuccessfully, the world’s current titleholder from India, Viswanathan Anand, in May.


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