Howard Staunton Memorial
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The Howard Stauton Memorial 2009 will be better and stronger than ever. It will feature a group of double round Scheveningen System match between the UK and the Netherlands and the other group will be a 10 players all play all round robin.

The opening ceremony and the first round will take place on Saturday 8th of August. The ceremony starts at 12 noon while round 1 begins at 2:30pm. With one rest day, the final round and the closing ceremony will take place on Monday the 17th of August. The free day for the all play all section is Saturday 15th of August.

Play starts everyday at 14:30 hours, except for the final day when it begins at noon.

Playing time control will be 40 moves in 2 hours, 20 in 1 hour and all remaining moves to be played in 30 minutes each with no increments.



GM Michael Adams 2699
GM Nigel Short 2684
GM David Howell 2614
GM Luke McShane 2620
GM Gawain Jones 2554


GM Ivan Sokolov 2655
GM Jan Smeets 2632
GM Loek Van Wely 2655
GM Erwin L’ami 2593
GM Jan Werle 2575

All play all

GM Simon Williams 2527
GM Jan Timman 2569 GM
Peter Wells 2498
GM Victor Korchnoi 2561
GM Nigel Davies 2493
IM Willy Hendriks 2444
IM Lawrence Trent 2471
GM Alex Cherniaev 2428
Terence Chapman 2232
IM Eelke Wiersma 2403

More information on the Howard Stauton Memorial can be found on the official website.

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