Boys beat girls in national chess competition at Bolton School
11:30am Saturday 18th January 2014

THE boys proved they had the right moves to be crowned the kings of chess.

Boys and girls at Bolton School went head to head as the rivals competed against each other in the National Schools Chess Championships.

Teams from the boys’ and girls’ chess teams were matched into pairs with the winner receiving one point for his or her team and half-points awarded for draws or stalemates.

The girls’ team included world-class player Sharon Daniel, who is just back from competing at the Youth Chess Championships in Dubai after being ranked 80th out of the 146 in the Girls Under 12 category.

After an hour and 40 minutes, the boys emerged victorious with a narrow win of 3.5 points to 2.5.

Santina Hundle, aged 11, who was matched against 13-years-old George Speak, said:”I won my match, but the boys’ division team is difficult to beat.

“It’s fun to play against someone quite hard as it’s good competition.”

Luke Cavanaugh, aged 13, played against Sharon, aged 11, and the match was a draw. He has also played for the UK team with Sharon.

Luke said:”We’ve played the girls’ division before, so there’s a bitter rivalry. It was a good win for us, as they have a strong team.”


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