Check mates –and brothers!
20 February 2008

A CHESS champion has faced one of his toughest opponents yet – his little brother, writes Kelly-Ann Kiernan.

Jakob Yianni was on his way to becoming the top under-11 player in the county, aged only nine.

But as he battled away on the top board, his six-year-old brother Joseph was also playing remarkably well.

Mum Emma, of The Ridgeway, Cuffley, said she was shocked when she found out the boys, who are both pupils at Lochinver House School in Potters Bar, would have to face each other.

She said: “Obviously I love them both, Jakob was leading the competition and Joseph was trying to snap at his heels.”

“Jakob didn’t want to play his little brother, but he had to.”

Jakob won the tie, going on to win all seven games and being crowned Hertfordshire’s under-11 champion.

Mum Emma added: “When they had finished playing they stood up and hugged each other and that was so lovely.”

Joseph also left the competition with his head held high, after jointly winning the under-nines title.

The pair both attend Little Heath Chess Club.


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