Magnus Carlsen’s rating is currently at 2733. He is about to gain 32 points to get to 2765!! Levon Aronian’s rating is currently at 2739. He is gaining 24 points to get to 2763! Anand gains about 5 points to get back above 2800 while both Kramnik (2799-11) and Topalov (2780-13) lost points. Morozevich is at 2765 and he is gaining 9 points to get to 2774.

So it looks like Anand (2804) will be #1, followed by Kramnik (2788), Morozevich (2774), Topalov (2767), Carlsen (2765) and Aronian (2763). This is just my own rough calculation. Please feel free to correct any error.

Can Carlsen jump to the top 3 in the next list? Can Morozevich break 2800? What do you think?

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