Round 9 results

# White Res Black
1 Magnus Carlsen 3-0 Vasili Ivanchuk
2 Francisco Vallejo 3-0 Hikaru Nakamura
3 Levon Aronian 3-0 Viswanathan Anand

Standings after 9 rounds

# Player Pts
1 Vasily Ivanchuk 14
Magnus Carlsen 14
3 Hikaru Nakamura 11
Levon Aronian 11
5 Francisco Vallejo 10
6 Viswanathan Anand 9

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Bilbao Rule: Win 3 points, Draw 1 point, Loss 0 points.

  1. If two players tie for first, they will play a blitz match immediately after the last round finishes. They will play two games at the rate of all the moves in 4 minutes add-on 3 seconds for each move from the first, alternating colors, which shall be decided for the first game by draw. If this match is tied, they shall play a one game Armageddon (sudden death), White will have 5 minutes and Black 4, in the case of a draw Black wins first place. This game’s colors shall be decided by draw. If more than two players tie for first, only the two first classified players according to the systems listed below shall play the match.
  2. In case of tie for third to sixth places, the following tie-breaks will be applied:
    1. Traditional scoring. Players get one point for each game won and 0.5 points for each game in draw.
    2. Particular result (based on traditional scoring).
    3. Koya system (based on traditional scoring).
    4. Sonneborn-Berger (based on traditional scoring)
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