Chess960 computer chess world championship: The strongest chess tournament ever
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23 July 2008

This is the first time we’ll have a Fide-category 29 tournament, in other words, the strongest tournament in the history of chess! For the fourth time during the Chess Classic in Mainz, the Livingston Chess960 computer chess world championship will be held. Last, year we saw a four-program round robin with the strong participants Rybka, Shredder, Jonny and Spike.

Rybka, developed by Vasik Rajlich won the final against the German top program Shredder to clinch home the title. Both programs will play in Mainz again this year and from 31st July to 2nd August.

They will be challenged by two top chess programs, the qualifiers from the ICC online tournament: Naum, made by Alexander Naumov and Deep Sjeng, the brainchild of Belgian programmer Gian-Carlo Pascutto. The engines that will battle it out in Mainz are the numbers 1-4 on the Chess960 computer rating list.

Arbiter Hans Secelle calculated that the average rating of Rybka, Shredder, Naum and Deep Sjeng adds up to (3052 + 2970 + 2956 + 2947) = 2981. This means that we’ll have a Fide-category 29 (!) tournament or, in other words, the strongest tournament in the history of chess….


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