The best in chess play in N.B.
Published Saturday July 3rd, 2010

FREDERICTON – The Queen may be leaving Canada soon, but there will be plenty of royalty at St. Thomas University this weekend – queens, bishops, knights, and kings too.

STU is playing host to the New Brunswick Open Chess Championship 2010, which got underway yesterday and continues until tomorrow. Players from across the province and beyond are gathering for the three-day event to compete for prizes and play some competitive games of chess.

It’s the first time the university has hosted the championship.

Tournament organizer Roland Chrisjohn, a professor at STU, hopes the public will come down and choose a player to root for.

“Audiences are welcomed. As a matter of fact we’ve made sure, for people who come in and want to watch, we have the primary game each round with the best players projected on a big screen so you can see the game as it progresses.”

Spectators are also welcome to walk around to take in the games, but aren’t allowed to speak. Chess rules dictate the players are prohibited from speaking during the game as well, Chrisjohn said.

Tournament prizes include a minimum of $300 for first prize, $200 for second prize, and $100 for third prize. The best under 1800 rating, best under 1600 rating, and best under 1400 rating will receive $75 each. There will also be a $75 prize for best, age 16 and under; best, age 14 and under; and best, age 12 and under.

Those are the highest prize amounts for a chess tournament in New Brunswick, Chrisjohn said.


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