Chess brought to life at Toongabbie’s Campion College

11 Nov 12 @ 06:00am by Elias Jahshan 

HAVE you ever played a game of chess and wondered what it would like if the chess pieces’ movements were played out in real life?

Complete with a knight jumping over any intervening pawn in its path?

Toongabbie’s Campion College did just that recently, bringing to life a game of chess during the grand final of their chess championship, complete with students and staff dressed up as kings, queens, knights, bishops, rooks and pawns.

The finalists were first-year students Robert van Gend and Jacob Fulop, and although they played on a chess board, they also moved the human chess pieces set up on the lawn nearby. Their match went for one hour, and after a close match Fulop became the overall winner.

“We also had three commentators up on the balcony above, who made observations regarding the game throughout,” said student and organiser Alexander Westenberg.

“They even conducted several interviews.”

A spokeswoman from Campion College said: “This was the second year the human chess game had been played and we are hoping it will be an annual event at Campion.”


Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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