Classical Time Control
Contact Operator: Martin Thoresen


Time Control:

120 Minutes For The First 40 Moves – 60 Minutes For The Next 20 Moves
15 Minutes For The Rest – 30 Seconds Added Per Move From Move 61

Graphical User Interface:
Type: Chessbase 12
Tablebases: N/A – Resign: “Late” – Draw: “Late” – Ponder: Off – Hash: 2048 MB

Openings: Magnus_Carlsen_2005-2010.pgn – Thanks To Dennis Monokroussos For Guidance
Match Length: 32 Games – Engines Play Black & White Of Each Opening
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ 4050 MHz – OS: Windows 7 Professional x64
Executables: Stockfish 1.8Houdini 1.03a

IE 8 Users Should Use Compatibility View
Javascript Is Required To View The Website Properly
In Case Of A Loss On Time For Various Reasons – The Result Will Stand
The Broadcast Is Updated Every ~3 Minutes – You Will Need To Refresh Page Manually

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