July 11, 2008


Chess Achievement Reports

Chess Express Ratings, has added an exciting new report to its portfolio of services for chess players. Called the Performance and Achievement Page, it features:

· the Rating Class Indicator, which shows where the player stands in relation to the broad spectrum of competitors from novices through grandmasters;

· the Performance Power Meter, which shows how the player’s current overall strength measures up to his or her strongest level of past performance;

· A list of the player’s significant personal achievements in chess, such as tournament victories.

“The Performance and Achievement Page will be a new source of excitement which is sure to spur our players on to further study and practice,” stated CXR’s founder, Russ Mollot.

“It is yet another reason why CXR players continue to excel, outperforming others who lack the kind of information that Chess Express Ratings provides.”

The new report will be provided to CXR members for no additional charge, as part of the standard service, along with the “Player Portfolio” and “Game History” with which they are already familiar.

Chess Express Ratings, incorporated in 1995, is a recognized chess rating authority with affiliates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

A sample of the new report may be seen at:

For any additional information, please email: info@cxrchess.com or telephone 1-718-793-5995.

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