Chess interest grows and grows
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WINDHOEK – The 3rd Bank Windhoek Namibia National Junior Chess Championship, hosted under the auspices of the Namibia Chess Federation, was held from 23 to 25 July 2010, at David Bezuidenhout High School in Windhoek.

Eleven-year-old Nicola Tjaronda and 15-year-old Julian Isaak took top honours in the respective male and female categories.

“The turnout for the Junior Chess Championship is an indication that the sport, which engages and sharpens cognitive skills, is becoming popular in schools and that youth are developing an interest in it.

“Bank Windhoek is proud to support this sport that develops the improvement of scholars and their cognitive skills, at the same time giving them an activity that keeps them entertained and busy,” said Riaan van Rooyen, Head of Corporate Communication and Social Investment at Bank Windhoek.

“Chess interest is growing at an exciting rate. We are seeing more and more scholars taking it as a sport and they are so serious that they sacrifice whole weekends to partake in the tournaments.

“This is of course with the support of their parents that we are thankful to. We are also grateful for Bank Windhoek that really is helping the National Chess Federation to make this a reality. Without them we would not have made it this far,” added Max Nitzborn, president of the Namibia Chess Federation.

The annual Bank Windhoek Namibia National Junior Chess Championship saw invited players under the age of 20 competing.

Nicola Tjaronda, who beat a university student along the way, began playing chess two years ago and is described by Nitzborn as a natural talent, while Isaak has been playing for the past four years.

The rest of the results of the Bank Windhoek Namibia National Junior Chess Championship reads as follows:


Second was Lischen Mentile, followed by Dolly Tuaandi in third place.

Males: Hange Tjingaete was second and Dantago Boois third.

The ultimate purpose of hosting this particular tournament is to determine the Namibian National Junior Chess Champion for 2010, to promote chess as an intellectual, educational and recreational sporting outlet for youth and the broader Namibian population, and above all, to improve the standard of junior chess in Namibia.

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