Geojit Group to sponsor teenage Grand Master Gopal
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Fri, 8 Feb 2008:

The 18 year-old first teenage Grand Master from Kerala, Gopal G N, has finally got the sponsor in the form of Geojit group, a leading retail stock broking firm to realise his long cherished dream and goal of becoming Super Grand Master and later breaking into the Elite Club of World top ten.

Gopal, who is cuently ranked 8th in India is the 16th Grand Master from India.

Gopal’s current rating as per the January FIDE ELO rating list is 2528 which will turn into 2559 in the coming April rating list.

The proud sponsors Geojit will bear the expenses of International Grand Master and renowned Coach Lev Psakhis for coaching Gopal in May this year. Coach Psakhis has been coaching many leading GMs for the past twenty years. His trainees include the illustrious Gary Kasparov and the Polgar sisters.

Gopal feels great to be associated with the Geojit group and says, “I am really pleased that Geojit is my sponsor especially for the foreign coaching that I require.”

“I am glad that Geojit will be my companion through this most important phase of my life,” Gopal added.

On sponsoring Gopal, Geojit’s Managing Director C J George says, “Sponsoring Gopal is Geojit’s effort to create an opportunity for Indians to play with higher ranked GMs and improve their rating.”

“We hope to give this game of intellect, the exposure necessary to ensure that the game gets its due place among Indian sports lovers,” He further said.

Gopal was sponsored by Geojit before for participating in the FIDE World Cup in November 2007 in Siberia, Russia. Gopal’s superb performance against Kasimdzhanov reasoned for the latter to remark that Gopal would soon break into the ELITE Club.

Gopal recent performance helped Indian team to secure the Silver Medal in the Asian Team Chess Championship at Vizag in January 2008. He also won a Gold Medal for his individual performance.

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