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This week, a completely new functionality has been added to a tournament calendar. From now on, chess fans can check the internationaltournament schedule and plan their own tournaments at ChessVibes.

Location:, click Calendar on the upper left.

Direct link:

For the moment, the calendar contains mainly open tournaments with a classical time control. But you will also find the big invitations(round-robins) and super tournaments. This way it’s easy to check when the world’s best players are active in top events like Morelia/Linares and Sofia, or e.g. when the Grand Prix Series or the Olympiad will be held.

Currently, the ChessVibes Calendar might well be the only chess calendarthat brings all important events together on one single page. Besides, the content will always be up-to-date, since tournament organizers can add tournaments themselves. After the calendar had been published, within the first 24 hours already 5 new tournaments were added by organizers.

With this calendar, ChessVibes hopes to provide a service chess fans might be missing, now that GM Harmen Jonkman’s popular isn’t kept up-to-date anymore.

For more info on the ChessVibes calendar, please visit:

Besides our brand new calendar, ChessVibes will continue to bring dailychess news online (with many more videos to come).

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