Tim Harris just posted the following. I think his question deserves a post item. Here it is:

I would like to obtain opinions, that is, civilized responses, to the following question:

1.) What is your opinion of Correspondence Chess (or “CC”)?
2.) If it is postive, then why? If not, then why?

I appreciate all civilized opinions whether negative or positive. Your response will be most appreciated. As both a correspondence player and OTB player, I have noticed that hardly anyone ever mentions correspondece (or these days, Email or webserver) chess. Also, before anyone posts a comment that correspondence chess players can “cheat” using computers…well, just review the hype surrounding GM Topalov and GM Kranmnik!

I just want to get various opinions as to why those who post messages on this blog never mention corrrespondence chess. You do know of its existence…correct?

Love it or hate it, correspondence chess can (I reiterate “Can”) make one a better OTB player. It is here to stay in one form or another…considering technological advancement….and to GM Susan Polgar, thank you so much for allowing me to bring the topic of corresponce chess up in this blog. It means a lot to so many people around the world…I mean, literally, thousands.

I’m working on some quality correspondence chess material to submit to you for review in the hope that it might be mentioned on your website/blog. I will get back to you regarding this.

Correspondence chess has both a world champion and a new U.S. champion but have not been recognized by those who comment on this blog. My question to those who read this blog is:

Why? My curiosity is merely academic in nature and I just want to get others’ opinions. If anyone cares to respond, please do not insult as so many “Anons” do. All opinions are welcome. I believe firmly in freedom of thought and expression.

Most Sincerely,
Tim Harris


This is my take. We now live in a society where people want results and solutions NOW. That is why McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway are popular. When I give a puzzle each night, some would plug them into Fritz instead of calculating everything out themselves.

Many people tend to be impatient. They want to play dozens of blitz or bullet games instead of thinking the moves out, especially younger people. This is why Internet chess is even more popular than OTB chess today.

Another reason is Marketing. Since not enough people are pushing Correspondence Chess, many people do not know about it.

I agree that Correspondence Chess can help your game because it forces you to think, analyze and do research.

As I mentioned before, I would be more than happy to publish article about Correspondence Chess if you or others send them to me.

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