Reopened chess academyBy Reinaldo Fuentes Rodríguez
[01.13.2009]- Updated at 9:50 am, Cuba

After a few months of building efforts, there was reopened by Carlos Lage Davila, Executive Secretary of the Council of Ministers, the Chess Academy from Guines, the cradle of important Cuban chess players.

Jose Ramon Fernandez, President of the Cuban Olympic Committee attended the reopening ceremony, who shared with the idol from Guines, Leinier Dominguez Perez the Latin American with the higher ELO coefficient in the area.

The also World Champion in fast matches, in pleasant conversation said that the preparation in very hard and that nowadays the players have a lot of information at hand, besides the knowledge in relation to the science game, which makes difficult to win the competition.

In the remodelled installation, included in those to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution, there are 16 tables, with their respective boards and time clocks, besides two chess board panels for teaching, which is on the hands of three well known trainers.

On three little tables there are some of the trophies won by Leinier, Holden Hernandez Carmenate and Aryian Abreu Delgado, the three Great Maestros who are a great credit for Guines and the Cuban Chess.

Translator: Caridad Martinez Fernandez

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