Queen is Queenly
Upset by Game of Queens with Queens
Story written: 03 February 2008
This story is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

(Queensland) Queen Elizabeth II was quite upset with a card game of queens she recently played with the Queen of Spain and Queen of Sweden. The queens were in the Queen Ballroom at the Queensland Hilton. It seems the queen of spades and queen of hearts were faded and this upset her queenliness.

The Queen was so upset she accidentally dropped the queen of spades next to the Queen of Sweden and forfeited the queenly game of queens.

At the next table Prince William played a game of chess with Prince Harry. “Queen’s knight to queen’s rook and it’s checkmate!” “Sh..!” shouted Prince Harry, “If you would stop listening to Queen so loudly on the CD I could concentrate. And stop being such a drama queen, you queen!”

Prince Charles then entered the royal game ballroom. The queen’s son had flown in from Queens, New York where he recently gave a talk on author Ellery Queen at the Queens High School. “Queens”, said the prince, “I would give a queen’s ransom to never upset the queenliest of card games–queens–with queens as queenly as all of you, my dear Queens!”

Source: The Spoof

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