Only Spoelman still on 100% in Hilversum
30 June 2009 10:55 AM CET By Peter Doggers

Last week he was awarded the GM title by FIDE and after three rounds he’s the sole leader at the strong Intomart GfK Open in Hilversum, The Netherlands: Wouter Spoelman. A total of 5 IMs and 10 GMs play, including the youngest GM in the world, Anish Giri, who’s defending his title.

The first edition of the Hilversum Open (2006), played in the same big television studio where the Dutch Championship took place, was won by GM Karel van der Weide, with a perfect score of 9 out of 9. In 2007 it was India’s number one Humpy Koneru who won, finishing on 7.5 out of 9.

Last year the tournament was sensationally won by Anish Giri, who still had to turn 14. The Russian boy, who lives in The Netherlands, scored one of the three GM norms he would collect in 2008 to become the youngest grandmaster in the world. This year he defends his title which he won on tiebreak, together with Mchedlishvili and Van den Doel.

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