European Club Cup Round 4
Economist-SGSEU-1, Mika Yerevan and SOCAR Azerbaijan leading open section
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The derby match of the fourth round of the 26th European Club Cup was played between ShSM-64 Moscow and the defending champion Economist-SGSEU-1. The team from Saratov came out on the top thanks to full points by Alexander Moiseenko and Ni Hua, while the remaining games were drawn.

The powerful teams of Mika Yerevan and SOCAR Azerbaijan easily dispatched the lower rated opposition, both scoring a crushing 5-1 victories. St.Petersburg Chess Club also signs 5-1, against Oslo Schakselskap, but GM Jon Ludvig Hammer defeated GM Vassily Ivanchuk on board one.

G-Team Novy Bor beat Viking Stockholm and quietly sneaked among the top four teams.

Ural and Ashdod Elite CC were paired on the 8th table. Ian Nepomniachtchi loses another game, this time from Gata Kamsky, but his team grabs an overall 3.5-2.5 victory thanks to Vladimir Belov and Pavel Ponkratov.

Top round five pairings are Economist-SGSEU-1 – SOCAR Azerbaijan, G-Team Novy Bor – Mika Yerevan, St.Petersburg Chess Club – Bihac CK, Werder Bremen – ShSM-64 Moscow, Baden-Baden OSG – Ural, Yugra – Rivnenski Iisovi zubry Rivne, A DAN DZO & PGMB Chernigiv – Prievidza SK and Eynatten KSK47 – Vesnianka Gran.

Results and standings / Photos and videos / PGN

Samaia Tbilisi and AVS were satisfied with the present standing in the 15th European Club Cup for Women and played a relatively quick 2-2 tie on the top table of the 4th round.

St.Petersburg Chess Club and Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo also had four draws, but all the games were closely contested and continued after the first time control. Mika Yerevan took advantage of such development and after a swift 3-1 victory against BAS Belgrade leaped ahead to the third place.

Round five pairings are AVS – MIKA Yerevan, St.Petersburg Chess Club – Samaia Tbilisi, Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo – BAS Beograd, USV Volksbank Halle – Lokomotiv 2000, Herzliya Chess Club – Giprorechtrans, Oslo Schakselkap – CS Fischer Chieti and KSC Komarno – Ashdod Elite CC.

Results and standings / Photos and videos / PGN

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