I just saw the following on ChessBase, one of the sites which I follow daily:

“Magnus watch: Carlsen’s performance is now at 2895 and his theoretical world ranking is number two, at 2792 rating points, six behind Anand and four ahead of Vladimir Kramnik. The official deadline for submitting results to FIDE for the July 1st list is June 16, while Aerosvit 2008 will end on June 19. However FIDE has in the past made exceptions to include key tournaments in the ratings lists. In April 2007 it rated Morelia/Linares although the results could only be submitted after the original deadline. The consideration is that the accuracy of the ratings and their up-to-dateness should take precedence over burocratic guidelines. Also, in 2007, 1.1 billion chess fans were ready to launch a protest if Anand were not ranked number one. This time it would only be only 4.7 million in Kongeriket Noreg, but FIDE would be well advised to heed the opinion of these and the many Carlsen fans around the world.”

The question is should FIDE bend the rule and make this exception or should they follow the rule? I believe that FIDE should be more efficient with the rating update. However, this is the rule which we have now. If FIDE makes this exception, would it be fair to other players?

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