Athens, 29 June 2010

Announcement on the forthcoming FIDE elections

The FIDE Secretariat announces that the following Presidential Tickets and Continental Presidents have submitted their candidacies to the FIDE office by 28 June 2010.

Concerning the FIDE elections, the Russian Chess Federation (RCF) informed FIDE on 28 June 2010 that the Supervisory Board of the RCF, during its meeting of 28 June, confirmed the letter of its Chairman Mr Arkady Dvorkovich to FIDE on 21 April, nominating Kirsan Ilyumzhinov as Russia’s candidate for the office of FIDE President 2010-2014. Furthermore, the RCF informed FIDE that the letter sent by Mr. Alexander Bakh on 23 June is not valid on nominating a candidacy from the Russian Chess Federation. Attached are all the relevant documents as sent by the RCF.

A.Presidential Tickets for FIDE elections:

I. Presidential ticket of Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov:

1.President – Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov nominated by Russia, Argentina and Mexico,
2.Deputy President – Mr. Georgios Makropoulos nominated by Greece,
3.Vice President – Mr. Lewis Ncube nominated by Zambia,
4.Vice President – Mrs. Beatriz Marinello nominated by Chile and Brazil,
5.General Secretary – Mr. Ignatius Leong nominated by Singapore,
6.Treasurer – Mr. Nigel Freeman nominated by Bermuda.

II. Presidential ticket of Mr. Anatoly Karpov:

1.President – Mr. Anatoly Karpov nominated by France, Germany and Switzerland,
2.Deputy President – Mr. Richard Conn Jr nominated by USA,
3.Vice President – Dr. Aguinaldo Jaime nominated by Angola,
4.Vice President – Prof. Dr. Alica Maric nominated by Serbia,
5.General Secretary – Mr. Abd Hamid Majid nominated by Malaysia,
6.Treasurer – Mr. Viktor Kapustin nominated by Ukraine.

B. Continental Presidents elections:

I. Continental President for Europe:

1.Mr. Silvio Danailov nominated by Bulgaria,
2.Dr. Robert von Weinzacker nominated by Germany,
3.Mr. Ali-Nihat Yazici nominated by Turkey.

II. Continental President for the Americas:

1.Mr. Jorge Vega Fernandez nominated by Guatemala,
2.Mr. Erick Marvin Guevara nominated by El Salvador.

III. Continental President for Asia:

1.Sultan Bin Khalifa Al-Nahayan nominated by United Arab Emirates.

IV.Continental President for Africa:

1.Mr. Dabilani Buthali nominated by Botswana,
2.Dr. Hesham Elgendy nominated by Sudan,
3.Dr. Mohammad Moammar AL-Gathafi nominated by Libya,
4.Mr. Lakhdar Mazouz nominated by Algeria,
5.Mr. Kezzie Msukwa nominated by Malawi,
6.Mr. Hussein Nafady nominated by Egypt,
7.Mr. Max Baron Nitzborn nominated by Namibia.

FIDE is examining the validity of all candidacies submitted within the deadline of 28 June and will ratify the list of candidates during its Presidential Board meeting in Tromso, 24-25 July.

Released by the FIDE Secretariat, 29 June 2010

Please view the statement letters of the Russian Chess Federation to support the candidacy of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for the office of FIDE President 2010-2014.

Letter of the Russian Chess Federaion April, 21 2010 (Russian) | English
Letter of the Russian Chess Fedration June, 28 2010 (Russian) | English
Minutes of the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the of the Russian Chess Federation June, 28 2010 (Russian) | English
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Letter of the Russian Chess Federation to FIDE June, 29 2010 (Russian) | English

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