FIDE is pleased to announce the dates and venues for the 2008/2009 Grand Prix Tournaments:

April 20th – May 6th 2008, Baku, Azerbaijan
July 30th – August 15th 2008, Krasnoyarsk (or other Russian city), Russia
December 13th – 29th, 2008, Doha, Qatar
April 14th – 28th, 2009, Montreux, Switzerland
August 1st – 17th, 2009, Elista, Russia
December 7th – 23rd, 2009, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Reserve cities are Istanbul and Teheran.

Each Tournament will be a 14 player all play all. The winner of the Grand Prix will play with the winner of the 2009 World Cup for the right to challenge the World Champion in 2010.

Player undertakings will be available on the FIDE website.

Please download the Regulations of the FIDE GRAND PRIX.

Source: FIDE

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