$3.78 Million Won in Poker Series
Published: November 10, 2008

A Brooklyn man who once made his living by playing chess on the streets of New York has won $3.78 million in a national poker tournament.

The player, Ylon Schwartz (FIDE Master – Once rated 2408 USCF), 38, finished fourth at the World Series of Poker’s main event in Las Vegas. He had qualified for the finals by beating more than 6,800 competitors.

Mr. Schwartz, a highly ranked chess player who has been playing poker for several years, started on Sunday in fifth place, based on the number of chips he held. At one point, he took the lead, but was eventually eliminated when he bet all his remaining chips and another player, Peter Eastgate, beat him with a full house.

In an interview afterward on the World Series of Poker Web site, Mr. Schwartz said he was “shocked” that he was eliminated. He added, “I am definitely going to take a break” from gambling.

Source: NY Times

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