Polgar’s Pick: Kamsky vs. Alekseev

By GM Susan Polgar with FM Paul Truong
January 27, 2008

Kamsky has a well-deserved reputation for being a tenacious defender, but when he has a positional advantage, then you better hold on to your hat!

I first met Gata Kamsky at the New York Open event where he defected in 1989. We met many more times at various tournaments around the world. In those days Gata always traveled with his dad, Rustam. A lot has changed since then. Gata retired from chess in 1996 and many years later came back. Gata grew into an independent educated young man. He now travels either alone or with his wife and son.

What is amazing is that he is back in the world’s elite, seriously in contention for the world championship! As I write this article, he has just defeated Alexey Shirov to win the World Cup! Congratulations to Gata! All of his fans were rooting for him. He will now face Topalov next year for the right to challenge the winner of the Anand versus Kramnik World Championship match for the title. Many of his fans will be rooting for him against Topalov.

You can view my full analysis here.

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