In the last few days, Garry Kasparov has made a lot of noises worldwide. He recently wrote an article in the NY Times and Financial Times criticizing President George Bush, other European leaders and of course Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also calls for Russia to be expelled from the G8 summit and has organized an alternate summit.

There have been a lot of discussion about Garry on other Internet forums. Many people have pointed out that Garry was responsible for the collapse of the FIDE World Championship and Kasparov Chess (costing investors tens of millions) and he basically alienated many major companies that sponsored chess such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, etc. Others have pointed out that he has never succeeded in any business project and his only success was on the chess board.

I personally like many things Garry has done but I also dislike many of his actions. But no matter what anyone says, he is the second most colorful person in chess after only Bobby Fischer. Everything that they do makes headline news, good or bad.

What is your opinion? Has Garry gone mad or do you agree with him?
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