The German Chess Federation, ZMDI Chess Festival Dresden and UKA Meissen are organizing the German Masters 2016 from 30th July to 7th August in Dresden.

The tournament will be a ten-player round robin with top German female players and will serve as a good warm-up for the Chess Olympiad in Baku.

Elisabeth Pähtz

Elisabeth Pähtz


Elisabeth Pähtz, IM, FIDE-Elo 2489, DWZ 2499
Marta Michna, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2390, DWZ 2410
Zoya Schleining, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2363, DWZ 2318
Judith Fuchs, WIM, FIDE-Elo 2342, DWZ 2280
Elena Levushkina, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2336, DWZ 2315
Ketino Kachiani-Gersinska, IM, FIDE-Elo 2334, DWZ 2320
Filiz Osmanodja, WIM, FIDE-Elo 2296, DWZ 2271
Melanie Lubbe, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2261, DWZ 2258
Josefine Heinemann, WIM, FIDE-Elo 2221, DWZ 2181
Natalia Straub, WGM, FIDE-Elo 2168, DWZ 2172

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