GFHS Celebrates National Chess Day
Oct 9, 2010 at 6:23 PM MDT

It was a battle of wits as students and adults gathered at Great Falls High School to celebrate National Chess Day.

The Great Falls Chess Club and the Great Falls High School Chess Team put on today’s event.

Organizers say the event helps bolster the school’s extra-curricular activities and provides students with skills they can apply to everyday life. Besides boosting academics, Doug Hansen, a chess club member, says chess helps students with social skills and time management.

He also says the idea behind events like this is to prepare high school students for large-scale national tournaments. Saying, “A lot of the tournament protocol which you’re normally not going to find just sitting and playing chess. You have to know something about the formats and the time controls, another skill which a lot of people overlook.”

Canned food for the Helping Hands Food Pantry was also part of the entry fee. Hansen says he would like to see other schools in the area create chess teams like Great Falls High School.


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