The 14th Sautron Chess Open 2014 is taking place from 25th October to 1st November 2014 in Sautron, a commune in the Loire-Atlantique département in western France.

The 9-round Swiss event gathered 187 players from 13 different countries (Algeria, Belarus, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine), including 4 GMs, 13 IMs and 10 FMs.

French GM Maxime Lagarde (2566) and Ukrainian IM Vitali Koziak (2456) lead with 4.5/5 points, followed by French IM Kevin Terrieux (2409), German IM Michael Thorsten Haub (2444), French IM Borya Ider (2394), Belarusian GM Nikita Maiorov (2583), French IM Quentin Loiseau (2354), French IM Xavier Bedouin (2324),Romanian IM Dragos-Nicolae Dumitrache (2413) and French IM Kamran Shirazi (2367) on 4 points each. You can find the top standings on the bottom of the page.

The surprise of the tournament is 11-year-old Ruben Harutyunyan, rated only 1782 Elo FIDE. The young star is currently thirteenth with 3.5/5 points, winning against Patrick Lemercier (1662), Guillaume Nicolas (2009), FM Alexandre Bouget (2315) and drawing against IM Xavier Bedouin (2324). He was defeated only by the leader IM Vitali Koziak in the fifth round of the event. However, Harutyunyan’s performance so far has been way beyond the expectation – 2192.

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