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I know that …

– It is necessary to come up with new ideas, to organize events that would accompany the tournaments, as well as constantly keep the attention of the media focused on chess.

– Chess amongst youth – a priority, we all agree about.

– I am proud of the fact that some of my ideas and standards for organizing competitions have been accepted even at the most important
chess tournaments in the world.

– Doing my job, I have always tried to make it as professional as possible, aspiring to higher standards.

– In the highest interest of the progress of the European Chess Union, I am prepared to implement all those ideas and results I have reached so far.


Mr. Danailov, why do you want to become the president of European chess?

The ECU is respectable institution and has potential, because it has 54 member states. People from other countires initiated talks with me, these people want ECU to be headed by someone with professionalism and new ideas. Up until now I have been more of a businessman in chess, now there is a need to do politics.

Are the elections predominantly based on politics or is it a question of ideas?

I have no experience in politics, but others convinced me that I can do it and with the right strategy can achieve good results. The people in chess know very well what each candidate can bring. The elections will be based on a mixture of politics and vision. It is believed that my opponent will be Ali Nihat Yazici from Turkey, who has his own lobby. The fight will be challenging.

It seems as if the field you worked in so far is too narrow for you?

In my carreer I have practically accomplished everything I have dreamed of. Or even more. No one believed that a Bulgarian man can become world champion – Vesko Topalov and I made it happen. I organized the supertournament “M-tel masters” in Sofia and introduced the Sofia rules worldwide; along with some friends we created the “Grand Slam” in Chess. In this way my professional career reached its ceiling. I did not give thought to this move, but the challenge is big. Also, people convinced me that I am the right figure. So, I am entering politics. Chess politics.

There is another ceiling – President of FIDE

No, no, while Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is the leader of FIDE, it would not cross my mind. After that, I do not know. In chess we are accustomed to play move by move and not to rush things. Because rushed action lead to wrong decisions. So, let these elections pass first. If I succeed, it will be prestigious for Bulgaria as well.

There will also be the election of FIDE President – between Ilymzhinov and and Karpov

It is very intriguing. Now everyone awaits with interest who is the Russian Federation going to support because this will, to a large extent, determine the favorite to win. But no matter what happens, every one of them has his advantages. Ilymzhinov is already 15 years excelent President, doing a lot of things for chess, but Karpov is an extremely dangerous opponent as a politician – very intelligent and swift.

They are both wealthy. Is money going to play?

In elections money always comes into play.

And in your case?

My advantages are a professional career, the results, and the ideas. The candidate from Turkey has experience in politics, after all he is vice President of FIDE. I do not know whether he is wealthy, but I am aware that he has strong back up from Turkey. Because this is part of the government strategy of European community integration for the future.

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