The Skovbo GM tournament (KKSA) was held on 5-14th September at the Borup Kulturhus, Møllevej 2, 4140 Borup, Denmark.

The 9-round Swiss event with a time control 90′ + 30″ has attracted 52 participants from 6 different countries (Denmark, Iceland, France, Italy, Russia and Sweden).

IM Simon Bekker-Jensen emerged a clear winner with 7/9 points and deservedly grabbed the first prize in the amount of 7.000 DKK (nearly 1.000 €).

Second place was shared in a four-way tie by GM Vladimir Burmakin (Russia), GM Henrik Danielsen (Iceland), IM Björn Ahlander (Sweden) and IM Christian Jepson(Sweden) on 6,5 points each. You can see top standings below.

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Top standings after 9 rounds (top finishers):

1 IM Simon Bekker-Jensen (Denmark) 7
2-5 GM Vladimir Burmakin (Russia) 6,5
GM Henrik Danielsen (Iceland) 6,5
IM Björn Ahlander (Sweden) 6,5
IM Christian Jepson (Sweden) 6,5
6-9 GM Daniel Semcesen (Sweden) 6
IM Mikkel Djernæs Antonsen (Denmark) 6
IM Rasmus Skytte (Denmark) 6
WIM Ellinor Frisk (Sweden) 6
10-13 IM Axel Smith (Sweden) 5,5
GM Carsten Høi (Denmark) 5,5
GM Vladimir Okhotnik (France) 5,5
Jesper Kjærgaard-Jensen (Denmark) 5,5

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