Inaugural FIDE tournament

By Stabroek staff July 2, 2010 in Sports

National chess players checkmated by visitors

National chess players Taffin Khan and Loris Nathoo, were trumped by overseas players Karl Rapon and Michael Barker, respectively, in the first round of the inaugural Guyana/FIDE International Rating Tournament held at the National Stadium yesterday.

In other matches locals Ronuel Greenidge and Shiv Nandalall fared better as they earned one point each when they won. Greenidge checkmated his fellow local Ryan Singh while Nandalall triumphed over David Khan.

Meanwhile Trinidadian Hayden Lee wrapped up the victories with a win over Surinamese Cassanova Sanches.

Khan and Nathoo were among the first four players to vie against the international competitors. Local chess players Taffin Khan and Nandalall also got their chance to vie against the new competition in the second round of the tournament. Nandalall came up against Martinique player Rapon while Khan took on Sanches, and they were still battling away at press time. In round two also Greenidge took on David while it was Nathoo versus Singh and Lee against Barker.

The tournament which will run until Monday is sanctioned by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and will afford the competing players the chance to achieve international ratings based on their performance.

The tournament will feature two rounds each day and each round will consist of five concurrent matches.

The four international players arrived on Wednesday afternoon from their respective countries, along with the internationally distinguished arbiter, Aubrey Kappel from Suriname.

Rapon, with a FIDE rating of 2065, stands as the highest rated player in the tournament. The other players’ ratings are Sanches 1972, Lee 1856 and Barker 1729.

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