Morongwa Security Increase Chess Sponsorship
Mosah MokganediCorrespondent

Morongwa Security has boosted its relationship with the Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) when they increased the sponsorship for schools chess championship to P20,600 from P13,600.

Speaking at the unveiling of the sponsorship on Thursday, Morongwa representative, Kaiser Lesetedi, said they find great pride in sponsoring young chess players. He said it is crucial players are taught chess when they are still young. Lesetedi said they have trust in chess and that when they started sponsoring the game they were not testing the waters.

“We had known you for a long time and we know what you are capable of,” he said. Lesetedi observed that people who start playing chess at a young age do well in mathematics and sciences. He expressed hope that Botswana will one day produce a world champion. Morongwa said they are committed to help chess even at this time of recession because they are investing in the future of the country.

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