Two Indian players were clearly superior than the opposition at the A Group of the Leiden Chess Tournament. S.P. Sethuraman edged his compatriot Deep Sengupta on tiebreaks to get the title in Holland.

Despite losing in the third round against Russian GM Ramil Hasangatin, the Indian was able to recover with five wins and one draw in the final six rounds. This performance was enough to score 7.5 points and share first place with Deep Sengupta.

Bosnian GM Predrag Nikolic was the only player able to arrive a whole point behind the leaders and took home the third prize without needing any tiebreaks calculations.

Marco de Mooij was the winner of the B Group with 7/9 points.

Location and host were once again the Leidse Denksportcentrum (Leiden’s Mindsport Centre) at Robijnstraat 4 in Leiden.

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Final Standings – A Group (top finishers):

1 GM Sethuraman, S.P. IND 2562 7.5
2 GM Sengupta, Deep IND 2555 7.5

3 GM Nikolic, Predrag BIH 2622 6.5

4 IM Zaragatski, Ilja GER 2494 6
5 GM Prohaszka, Peter HUN 2554 6
6 GM Hasangatin, Ramil RUS 2489 6
7 GM Epishin, Vladimir RUS 2598 6
8 GM Howell, David W L ENG 2639 6
9 IM Bernal Moro, Luis Javier ESP 2423 6
10 Pijpers, Arthur NED 2338 6
11 FM Dahm, Jochen GER 2304 6

12 GM Iljin, Artem RUS 2540 5.5
13 IM Zhou, Yang-Fan ENG 2469 5.5
14 Blom, Vincent NED 2167 5.5
15 Wilschut, Peter NED 2232 5.5

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